October 2017

Welcome to our first Pivotal Update which will keep you up to date with the change-over of EV’s Information Management System from gprime2 to Pivotal. We hope you find this informative. If you have ideas or suggestions for content, please let us know.

Project Overview

EV is moving to a single Information Management System from Semester 1, 2018. Gprime2 will be replaced with Pivotal. These changes will affect all gprime2 users including registrars, supervisors, practice managers and medical educators in Gippsland.

Terminology Changes

  • RT&Cs – now called RCTIs (Recipient Created Tax Invoice)
  • Dashboard – now called Action Centre

Important Program Dates

There are a number of important dates for the finalisation of Semester 2.2017. You will note that we are calling for documents to be submitted by 20 December. After this date a manual form will be used to submit feedback.

RT&CsNovember records due 14 December

December records due 14 January
Submit by 4 December
Finalise by 5 January

Submit using offline form
Supervisor FeedbackDue 22 DecemberSubmit by 20 December
ECTV ReportsDue 15 DecemberSubmit by 20 December
Registrar FeedbackDue 22 DecemberSubmit by 20 December
Registrar RequirementsDue 22 DecemberSubmit by 20 December
Training Advisor ReportsDue 22 DecemberSubmit by 20 December

Important Registrar Information

Registrars who commence the following training term from semester 1, 2018 to ensure that their training portfolio is up to date for their stage of training by 20 December.

Training Term at S1.2018Program Requirements
Awaiting Fellowship/ExtensionEnsure all program requirements have been finalised. Including group learning, in-practice feedback, in-practice learning and learning activities which includes the procedural skills log, community issues project, GP audit, peer teaching and DISC/CFET.
Mandatory ElectiveEnsure all learning activities have been finalised. This includes the procedural skills log, community issues project, GP Audit, peer teaching and DISC/CFET.
All feedback reports.
All feedback reports.
Hospital/ARST/ASTAll feedback reports.
All termsAll AGPT Medicare Provider Number applications must be finalised and sent to Health by this date.

Key Change-Over Dates

EV needs to close off Gprime2 to practices and registrars one month before you will be given access to Pivotal. This time period will allow EV staff to finalise Sem2.2017 data and transfer it to Pivotal.

Access to gprime2Date of last access
Access ceases
5 January 2018 (COB)
6 January 2018
Access to PivotalDate of first access5 February 2018

Pivotal Training

EV will be organising training for practice staff, supervisors and registrars. There will be a number of different training events offered including at workshops, teleconferences, in-practice sessions etc.

The following training has been planned:

Training – SupervisorsWorkshopsFebruary 2018
Training – Practice ManagersWorkshopsFebruary 2018
Training - RegistrarsWorkshopsFebruary 2018
Medical EducatorsTeleconferencesJanuary 2018


EV is developing an online HELP site similar to the gprime2 platform. This provide information on how to perform a range of activities including RCTIs, feedback forms etc.

ResourcesOnline Videos
Quick Guides/FAQs
Online Help
Available on EV website and in development

For more information contact EV
Phone: 1300 851 753


Smart Client – EV Staff Only

You are about to enter the Help Site for Pivotal – Smart Client. This is for EV Staff Only. If you are a practice manager, supervisor or registrar, please return to the main Pivotal HELP site.

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